Welcome To The Rudolf Steiner Health Center!

The Rudolf Steiner Health Center is the only inpatient anthroposophic medical clinic in the United States. The Center offers a variety of programs:

The Rudolf Steiner Health Center

The Rudolf Steiner Health Center

Intensive Health Retreats, Next Session April 20-May 2, 2015

Designed for ambulatory individuals with chronic illnesses, or anyone seeking to restore their life forces. The Health Center follows the Anthroposophic medical guidelines of Austrian scientist-philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The next 2-week session begins on April 20, 2015.

Medically Supervised Fasting Sessions, Next Session March 27-29, 2015

A weekend fasting session with juicing, meditation, music, art and other alternative forms of nourishment. The next session is in March 28-30, 2015. Call the Health Center for more info: 734-663-4365 or click here.

Learn-Work-Share Summer Youth Program, June 12, 2015

A Youth Initiative for 18-30 year olds runs from June 12 to 21, 2015. Participants will be introduced to anthroposophical medical, nursing, therapeutic, and biodynamic principles while building a community of anthroposophically oriented youth, have an opportunity for hands on work experience in an anthroposophical setting. The youth program is free and is now accepting participant applications on the Youth Conference Page until the end of March 2015. Eligible medical students may use this program as a rotation.

Support Retreat

The 1-week support retreat offers housing, meals, medical visits, anthroposophic remedies and group therapies on a sliding scale fee system. June 15-20, 2015. Please submit your application here.


The Rudolf Steiner Health Center is proud to be a Waste Knot partner, a RiverSafe Home, a 3 R Business, a smoke free property, and Green Office certified.