Current Openings

Part Time Co-Worker 

We are looking for co-workers (part time) who are interested in the mission of the Rudolf Steiner Health Center.  Skilled positions needed are administration, therapist or nurse, marketing and fundraising and grounds/maintenance.  For co-workers we request a minimum 2 year commitment. We prefer applicants with a background in anthroposophy and/or experience in a therapeutic environment or Waldorf School.

Paid work opportunity for Ann Arbor Area Students
We are always interested in hiring part time workers as aides during our 2 week session. Ideal applicants are nursing or pre-med students who can commit to a minimum of 1 year and can work 3-8 shifts in the span of 2 weeks.  Those shifts are evenings and weekends and require training.  Currently all of our kitchen positions are filled however we are happy to take resumes for fill-in shifts or for the future.  We have a plant-based menu plan with all organic and freshly prepared foods.
Please send resumes to us at

Volunteering & Community Service

There is quite a broad range of volunteer work, from helping in the kitchen, to plumbing and gardening. As a 501-c-3 non-profit, we also accept community service volunteers. Your help is always greatly appreciated!

Current Volunteer & Community Service Opportunities:

Retreat Volunteering: Our next Retreat is April 17-29, 2017. Volunteers can help get the house ready the week or weekend before, help in the kitchen during retreat dates, or help with laundry and clean up the Sunday or week after the retreat.

House Repair: Some bathrooms at the Health Center are in need of touch up, including caulking and painting. We are looking to replace the dining room floor covering which is currently vinyl.  There is a screen needing to be repaired and a small area of plastering in one closet.

Lawn mowing: We have a self propelling lawn mower here, one hour weekly commitment seasonally.

Miscellaneous: Ongoing needs include cleaning, kitchen help, and various paperwork and organizational projects.

All volunteers: Please contact us in advance by phone or email.

Member Volunteers: After you have completed any volunteer hours, be sure to either enter it on your card at the Health Center, or send us an email with your exact hours and what you worked on.