Summer 2015 Newsletter

Snapshot: Open House Sept 13th, 2-4pm at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center “Trace Amounts” a documentary on vaccination issues showing on Wed Aug 12th at 7:00pm at the Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor, with Dr. Molly and Dr. Quentin sitting on the discussion panel August 21st deadline for public commentary regarding the Proposal to Regulate Homeopathics by the […]

Patient Organization Newsletter Winter 2013/2014

Dear Patient Organization Members, I would like to remind you first of all about our Annual PO Birthday Party and Talent Show on Saturday, January 11th at 5:30 until 9 or so, at the Health Center, 1422 West Liberty St.  We will have a nice vegetarian meal cooked by Dr. Molly and Pam Gillespie and […]

Healing and Curing: What is the Difference?

A few weeks ago Rev. Brewer gave a wonderful sermon on the meaning of curing vs. healing and I could not help to think that I would like all of my patients to hear his words. He generously shared his sermon and the gospel reading that preceded it: From Luke 17 And it happened, as he was […]

Open House volunteers needed and other news

Dear Friends, Well it has been quite some time since we have sent a newsletter and I apologize as we need to get the important news out to you. So the first bit of news, which you might have guessed by the look of this newsletter, Sara is not at the Health Center anymore and […]

Medicinal Plant Garden

Our 2013 Learn-Work-Share Sustainability Project Start to finish!

Summer 2014 Newsletter

So nice to have the beautiful warm weather and cool nights and the amazing show of flowers everywhere in the city. The peonies are out and just gorgeous. We are really enjoying the new bees that have settled in quite nicely in the Health Center garden. The medicinal garden planted by the Youth Program last […]

Steiner Health Annual Review and Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters, Greetings from the Rudolf Steiner Health Center! This year marked a very important milestone for us: our 10-year anniversary! To celebrate this wonderful event, we held an open house in September, with demonstrations, tours, music and refreshments in the garden. With around 70 attendees, it was a busy and exciting day. […]

Doctor Molly Says….

An online research project to connect people buying food with the people producing the food. We want to establish relationships and communication to speak directly with the food producers and learn more about what they do, what they put in the food and what their values are. Then we can endorse them with a “Dr. Molly Says” stamp! All invited to participate and report the adventures with the food producers.

Open House Announcement and Learn-Work-Share Report

Dear Friends, Mark your calendars for our Open House September on 22nd, and come celebrate 10 years of anthroposophic inpatient care at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center! Bring your friends, your family, and anyone you think might be curious about what we do. Stop by anytime between 2pm and 5pm for a tour, tea and […]

The Unsustainable Cost of Health Care

By Dr. Molly McMullen-Laird   One of the biggest economic issues facing our nation is the funding of government programs for health care, Medicare and Medicaid, and the payments of private health insurance, either by the individual or the employer. It is well known that we pay twice as much as other countries for our […]