Support Retreat June 19-24, 2017

 1 week support retreat offers housing, meals, and group therapies to qualifying patients at  heavily subsidized rates

 Our Support Retreat serves 2 purposes. It allows us to care for patients who otherwise are not able to attend our  inpatient retreats, and serves as an introductory session for aspiring young adults interested in anthroposophic  medicine, nursing, nutrition, and therapies. Out of many applicants, several trainees will be chosen to assist us in  our supportive care mission and will be supervised by RSHC staff physicians, nurses, and therapists.

Support Retreat Schedule
Arrival time: Monday June 19 at 10am
Departure time: Saturday June 24 by 10 am
Sample Daily Schedule:
8:00 Meditation
8:15 Breakfast*
9:00 Movement
9:45 Singing
10:15 Break
10:30 Medical Visit**
11:00 Color Light
11:30 Nursing Treatment
12:30 Lunch*
1:30 Compress and Rest Time
2:45 Dessert
3:00 Art
4:30 Biography
6:00 Supper*
7:30 Educational Presentation
and Demonstrations
8:30   Singing

 What’s included:

A shared room at the Rudolf Steiner Health Center
Organic, vegetarian meals* freshly made on site
3 Physicians visits
Basic Anthroposophical remedies prescribed by our physicians
Group therapies such as movement, art, singing, and color therapy
Nursing treatments
Educational evening presentations, storytelling, and biography work
Free time activities include nature walks, gardening, and games

A medical diagnosis is not required in order to attend

**Medications are prescribed by the doctors and are usually given 3 times daily, not indicated on this schedule

*Please note: The Support Retreat does not accommodate dairy free, gluten free, or other special dietary needs patients. Patients may bring their own special dietary food items to supplement with as long as the items do not need additional preparation (gluten-free crackers etc. are good options).

To be considered for the sliding scale fee, please complete the Rudolf Steiner Health Center financial aid form, and the


Payment Policy & Pricing

The Rudolf Steiner Health Center is a fee-for-service medical center. Payment is due in full at the time of service. We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.

2017 Prices: The charge for your stay, all meals, group therapies, nursing, and physician treatments, including basic remedies is determined on a sliding scale for those who complete the financial aid portion and is charged at $1800 for those who do not need financial assistance.

Discounts cannot be applied to the Support Retreat.

What's the difference between the Support Retreat and the usual Retreats?

Support Retreat

Usual Retreat

Length 1 Week (Monday 10am-Saturday 10 am) 2 Weeks (Monday 1pm-Saturday 2pm)
Room Options Shared only Single, Shared, Single with Companion
Meals Ovo-lacto Vegetarian only Ovo-lacto Vegetarian, with accommodations for special diets such as vegan or gluten-free
Group Therapies Art, Spatial Dynamics, Color Light, Biography, Nature Observation, Singing Singing, Biography
Individualized Therapies Nursing Treatments Art, Spatial Dynamics or Eurythmy, Color Light, Rhythmic Massage, Therapeutic Baths, Nursing Treatments
Doctor's Visits 3 6
IV Infusions Not available $75 per infusion treatment
Price With financial aid application: sliding scale, without financial aid: $1800 Depending on room choice: Single - $5485, Shared - $4800, Single with Companion - $7460, some financial aid available to those who qualify
Discounts No discounts 10% Early Registration Discount and/or 10% Returning Patient Discount may be applied
Refund Policy Full amount due at time of registration, cancellations 1 month or more in advance will be refunded minus a $200 admin fee, cancellations at least 2 weeks or more in advance are refunded at 50%, and cancellations within 2 weeks of the session will receive a 50% credit which may be applied towards the next Support Retreat $1000 non-refundable deposit to register, balance is refundable up to 2 weeks prior to start date and must be paid at least 2 weeks prior to start of session, balance is non-refundable within 2 weeks of the session - please purchase travel insurance to cover this expense in the event that you are unable to attend


Register for the Support Retreat

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Medical Condition

Date of Birth


Date of Session

Payment Amount

Payment Method

Payment Policy

 I have read and understand the payment policy listed above and to the right of this form

How did you find out about the Retreat?

Please note that your registration is not complete until payment has been received.

The Rudolf Steiner Health Center is not responsible for any lost travel or program costs. Please make sure all travel purchases are refundable. Some deposits and payments are non-refundable, so please purchase travel insurance to cover any lost travel and program costs if you are unable to attend. Generally, travel insurance needs to be purchased before you register. Call Travelex at  (800) 228-9792 or any travel agency for a quote specific to your needs.


Please Make Checks out to:

Mail Checks to:
Rudolf Steiner Health Center,
1422 W. Liberty St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

We will telephone you for credit card information.